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Thanks to the AIG development team, managing all aspects of ai is becoming a one click operation.

 Let's face it, running a comprehensive and well organized ai traffic in Flight Simulator or P3D is not an easy task.

But thanks to the AIG development wizards, it has now become not only very easy, but almost instantaneous.

Their new Ai Manager includes the One Click Installer, or OCI in short, that can automatically install all recent AIG flightplans in your sim in a heartbeat. Yet, its interface gives you plenty of options so you can keep in control of what the installer actually does. And since it is self-contained, everything the installer does is kept separate from your main P3D setup so it won't mess up your previous settings.

Additionally, Ai Manager includes many more tools that can help you identify and solve any issues in your ai setup, allowing for an easy management and smooth operation.

Quoting AIG, this is how they describe the tool and what it can do for you:

AIGTech is proud to announce the release of the next BETA version ( 0.8 ) of AIG AI Manager (AIG AIM). This release includes the following features:

  • One Click Installer (P3Dv4 only)
  • Support of the new AIG.XML files]
  • Dynamic airport assignment for compilation of BGLs
  • And a lot of fixes

One Click Installer (OCI)

One Click Installer is a part of AIG AIM that will install flightplans/models/repaints with a single click. This process is done without violating any copyright. Basically the tool uses databases to get the information needed to archive a full install. This is something never been done before, even WoAI had to include all files needed in their packages.

All models (if possible) will be installed as Prepar3Dv4 native models and all textures will be converted to DDS format. This will result in a fully optimized AI system.

OCI will not interfere with your "own" local install. OCI will be installed as a stand-alone add-on for Prepar3Dv4.

Download: here