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The new Airbus A330-900 for ai is now available on SimMarket.

FS Painter, also known as FSPXAI has just released their latest Airbus A330 model, the brand new A330-900 NEO.

Based on the popular A330-300 long range widebody, the new aircraft is powered by latest technology Rolls Royce Trent 7000 engines and features several improvements derived from the A350 program, such as the A350 blended winglets. Another visual clue is the 'bandit mask' black cockpit frame typical of the A350.

Both NEO models, the 900 and 800 will eventually replace the current 300 and 200 models respectively.

The FSPXAI model is the first and currently only model of this aircraft for ai. As for most FSP models, it is payware and available from SimMarket. And like previous ai aircraft produced by FSP, it is a native fsx/p3d model.

In real life, the A330-900 has already entered commercial service with TAP Portugal, the launch customer, with 4 aircraft already in operation.

The Flying Carpet Hub is proud to be part of the FSP beta test program and we are happy to release the first repaints for this new model, with 2 variations of the TAP Portugal colors. Get them here.