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British Airways 747-400 Landor
British Airways 747-400 Landor

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British Airways Boeing 747-400 for FAIB model

British Airways celebrates its centennial with 4 aircraft painted in 'retro' colors, including Boeing 747-400 G-BNLY 'City of Swansea' which features the classic Landor livery she was originally delivered in back in 1993.

Please note Textures are provided in 2 sizes: by default in 4096*4096 pixels 'Ultra HD' (for high end computers) and 'lite' at 2048*2048 pixels

These textures are intended for the FAIB Boeing 747-400 base model, available here.
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Painter: Philippe Tabatchnik
Aircraft Type: Boeing 747-400
Model Manufacturer: FAIB