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GoAir Airbus A320
GoAir Airbus A320
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GoAir Airbus A320 (CFM) for FAIB model

This package includes 6 variations of the Airbus A320 fleet currently in service with GoAir:

VT-GOK: standard winglets, dark grey, old logos
VT-GOT: standard winglets, blue, new logos
VT-WAF: standard winglets, dark grey, new logos
VT-WAI: standard winglets, blue, old Airbus logo
VT-GOO: sharklets, blue, new logos, EDTO
VT-GOM: sharklets, blue, new logos

Please refer to the 'fleet assignments' document included in the package for further detail.


These textures are intended for the FAIB Airbus A320 base model, available here.

FAIB A320 GoAir ceo
Popular fsx/p3d 14.32 MB 909

FAIB A320 GoAir ceo
Popular fs9 11.57 MB 560

Painter: Amod Dalvi
Aircraft Type: Airbus A320
Model Manufacturer: FAIB