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European Air Transport Leipzig
EAT Leipzig Boeing 757
EAT Leipzig Boeing 757
EAT Leipzig Airbus A300F
EAT Leipzig Airbus A300F
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European Air Transport Leipzig Boeing 757-200 for AIG model

This package includes 4 variations of the European Air Transport Leipzig Boeing 757 fleet:

D-ALEG: Standard / RR RB211-535C Engines
D-ALEK: Standard / RR RB211-535C Engines
D-ALEN: Standard / PW Engines
D-ALEP: Winglets / PW Engines

Painted on an exclusive High Definition paintkit by Juergen Baumbusch

These textures are intended for the Alpha India Boeing 757-200 base models as follows:
RR RB211-535c variant available here
Standard PW/RR model available here
Winglets model available here.
These models were originally made for fs9, but a conversion for use in FSX/P3D is available here, and a further one exclusively for P3Dv4 is available here for the standard model and here for the winglets version.
Popular fsx/p3d 7.88 MB 648
Popular fs9 2.93 MB 301

Painter: Elias Merino
Aircraft Type: Boeing 757-200
Model Manufacturer: Alpha India Group (AIG)