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Olympic Air ATR 42
Olympic Air ATR 42
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Olympic Air ATR42-500 for OSP model


UPDATED 09/19: New textures reflecting recent livery update

UPDATED 10/19: revised new textures adding some missing details

This package includes the current fleet of 2 ATR 42-600s operated by Olympic Air.

  • Please note that the next generation ATR 42-600 features improved technology and avionics over the earlier models, but there is no visual difference with the ATR 42-500. Therefore, although there is no specific ai model for the -600, the OSP ATR 42-500 model is perfectly suitable to represent both versions.

Painted on an exclusive High Definition paintkit by Juergen Baumbusch and Amod Dalvi

These textures are intended for the OSP ATR 42-500 ai base model, available here. The original base model was designed for FS9, but a conversion for use in P3Dv4 can be found here (original base model still required).

  • FS9 version NOT updated

New fsx/p3d 1.59 MB 18
fs9 3 MB 92

Painter: Vangelis Evangelakopoulos
Aircraft Type: ATR 42-500
Model Manufacturer: OSP