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Or how to make a professional looking custom texture within minutes, without having to learn how to use Photoshop or any other texture processing program, and with zero painting skills needed?

Morten Blindheim, aka charliemorton, has just released on his One Click Hangar site a tool, aptly named One Click Repaint that will allow you to do just that!

The idea is that unlike airlines who apply their own corporate identity to their aircraft, many general aviation airplanes are painted in a series of variation of standard liveries provided by the aircraft manufacturer. Therefore, you could easily make the repaint of your choice by simply choosing from a selection of pre-painted patterns, adding color and registration in the process and truly making a perfect rendition of your GA aircraft one click away after you have selected all the options you want.

So, if you have absolutely no experience in painting and don't own -or don't know how to use any paint program, this tool is for you. And even for experienced painters, it can definitely save you a lot of time when painting some popular GA aircraft.

Initially, the only model available was the HTAI Cessna 172, but more popular GA and bizjet models are quickly being added.

Quoting the author, this is what Morten has to say:

The idea is that anyone can create generic GA paints either in 1024x1024 dds (dxt5 with mipmaps) or bmp (32bit without mipmaps) formats.

Right now the only aircraft available is Cessna 172 with 14 livery options, however I am working on adding more aircraft and liveries.

Simple instructions:
Select aircraft and livery.
Make changes to colours and set various options.
Add registration details.
Click "Update" to preview the results. The preview is sized at 512x512, however when downloading the file the texture will be in 1024x1024.
If you are happy with the results, select format (FS9 for bmp and FSX for dds), tick "Save on update" and click "Update".
A download link will appear and this will let you download the file. You can also share your repaint with others by sending them a "share link" via Facebook, Twitter, email, forums or whichever way you choose.

You can continue working on and adjusting a previously created texture via the "share link".